Administration Building, from Agricultural Building. Includes Palace of Mechanic Arts. Large photographic print from The White City (As It Was), photographs by William Henry Jackson. World's Columbian Exposition 1893.

If You Liked Erik Larson’s book The Devil in the White City…

…then you might like some of these other Victorian / Gilded Age true crime stories!

The Inventor and the Tycoon: A Gilded Age Murder and the Birth of Moving Pictures by Edward Ball (library location, 777 Bal)

Fingerprints: The Origins of Crime Detection and the Murder Case That Launched Forensic Science by Colin Beaven (library location 363.258 Bea)

Death of an Empire: the rise and Murderous Fall of Salem, America’s Richest City by Robert Booth (library location, 974.45 Boo)

Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell (library location, 364.152 Cor)

Empire Made: My Search For an Outlaw Uncle Who Vanished in British India by Kief Hillsbery (library location, 92 Hil)

The Midnight Assassin: Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America’s First Serial Killer by Skip Hollandsworth (library location, 364.152 Hol)

Thunderstruck by Eric Larson (library location, 364.152 Lar)

Murder and Justice in Frontier NM 1821-1846 by Jill Mocho (library location, SW364.1 Moc)

The Lady and Her Monsters: A Tale of Dissections, Real Life Dr. Frankensteins, and the Creation of Mary Shelley’s Masterpiece by Roseanne Montillo (library location, 823.7 Mon)

The Wilderness of Ruin: A Tale of Madness, Fire and the Hunt for America’s Youngest Serial Killer by Roseanne Montillo (library location, 364.153 Mon)

Death at the Priory: Love, Sex, and Murder in Victorian England by James Ruddick (library location, 364.12 Rud)

H.H. Holmes: The Mystery of the White City Devil by Adam Selzer (library location, 364.152 Sel)

The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer by Kate Summmerscale (library location, 364.152 Sum)

The Blooding by Joseph Wambaugh (library location, 364.1 Wam)

You can find these books in the online catalog here.

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