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Friends of the Library Book Sale September 9

orange-leaved treeSeptember marks the beginning of beautiful days and cool nights; it’s a perfect time of year, after the work, quests, and escapades of the autumn daytime, to settle in for an evening with good book.  Great book finds can be had at the Silver City Friends of the Library (FOL) Book Sale on Saturday, September 9, from 10:00am-2:00pm, at the FOL Bookstore, 1510 Market Street–in the big yard on Market Street across from Cheyenne Street, six blocks west of the Habitat for Humanity Restore yard.

“The Bookstore’s shelves are filled to capacity with quality books that offer intriguing and compelling reading,” Barbara Guber, FOL Bookstore Manager said.  “The Friends of the Library Bookstore continues to receive donations of hundreds of books from the community.  A large percentage of these are in excellent condition.”

Linda Gray, FOL President, said, “Barbara and a team of FOL volunteers are passionate about their work and maintain the Bookstore in reader-ready condition.  Their goal is to provide booklovers with a trove of printed and electronic media treasures to own and to give as gifts.  All of their effort represents a powerful dedication to and respect for our Silver City Public Library.”

Visitors to the Bookstore will now find an entire room featuring books for children and youth of all ages, and there is a special display of rare 1st edition and collectible works for sale.  For this September event, a large selection of audio books on both cassette and CDs, music CDs, vintage record albums, collections of vintage radio shows, and vintage TV shows and series on DVD are available.  The sci-fi and fantasy shelves are also packed.

Separate displays are arranged throughout the Bookstore for over fifty individual authors.  These are in addition to displays of more than thirty different categories– fiction (including romance, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, military, historical, westerns, action/adventure, horror, paranormal) and non-fiction (including literary classics, plays, poetry, world history, American history, Native American history, biographies, memoirs, human behavior, religion, travel, music, gardening, landscaping, cookbooks, food writing, archaeology, architecture, DIY, animals, ranching, automotive, arts and crafts). The FOL Bookstore has separate sections for large print books, as well as a large section of books for education and home schooling.

Inside the Bookstore, hardback and trade paperback books are priced at $1.00 each and paperbacks at $0.50 each.  In some individual cases, books may be priced higher.  Clearance items sales take place in the FOL Bookstore parking lot where visitors can purchase a bag of books (special bags are provided in the parking lot) at $2.00 per bag.  Sets of books in the parking lot are priced significantly lower than value or retail cost.

The Friends of the Library accepts donations of books from the public and uses these donations to raise funds to support the Silver City Library’s programs and activities.

Mark your calendars for the next two FOL book sales:  Saturday, October 14 (Inside Bookstore sales only) and Saturday, December 9 (Inside Bookstore sales  and Parking Lot sales). For information about the Friends of the Library, contact And remember, you do not have to be a member of FOL to purchase books!

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