"Several times a day for a few days this week the Earth completely blocked the Sun for about an hour due to SDO's orbital path (Aug. 25, 2016). The edge of the Earth is not crisp, but rather kind of fuzzy due to Earth's atmosphere. The entire video clip here shows the beginning of one such eclipse, covering just seven minutes. These occur about every six months. The Moon blocks SDO's view of the Sun on occasion as well."

Thank You to Eclipse Helpers

We would like to thank everyone who helped with the library’s eclipse viewing event on Monday! Children’s/youth librarian Chris found out about the eclipse glasses and obtained them for us. He set up the NASA live-stream of the total eclipse path and helped children make pinhole projectors out of paper and cardboard. Special thanks to John Maberry (find him on Goodreads and Amazon) and Beth Randolph (find her on Goodreads and Amazon) for reading and presenting fascinating eclipse science and history! Thanks also to Mary Beth and Jason of Literacy Link-Leamos for roaming the crowd outside to make sure that everyone got plenty of chances to view the eclipse through the glasses.

Excellent articles and photos were composed by the Grant County Beat here and the Silver City Daily Press here.

We ran out of informational handouts, and some participants asked about accessing them after the event. You may download them for personal reference here:



Photos of the eclipse from NASA can be found at www.nasa.gov/eclipsephotos and here.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to the library to get eclipse glasses and to participate in this exciting astronomical event!

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