Workshop: Addiction and Aspiration

“Addiction and Aspiration” will be the topic of a workshop on Tuesday, January 24 at 2:00pm at the Silver City Public Library, led by Joni Kay Rose, M.Div., CHT. Participants will practice differentiating between self-centered addictive cravings of all kinds and true unselfish aspirations of the heart. While both might be labeled “desires” in English, in Sanskrit and other languages they are entirely different, as Rose will explain. In this workshop Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and the Twelve Steps of recovery are applied jointly to help people of all faiths let go of false self-images that fuel our addictive behavior patterns, so we can live peaceful and fulfilling lives. This free event is open to everyone, applicable to people of any religious or non-religious background. For information please call 575-956-5414.

A freelance writer and therapist for many years, Joni Kay Rose holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Divinity degree. A longtime participant in twelve-step recovery meetings, she has been a student of Buddhism for over twenty years. She is the author of The Joy Beyond Craving: A Buddhist Perspective on Addiction and Recovery (©2003, Desert Wordsmith Productions). “Rather than urging people to give up their previous religions and become Buddhists, I’d like to help them see the Buddha’s teachings as universal principles that are compatible with all true religions” (Joni Kay Rose in The Joy Beyond Craving, page 9).

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