Bruce Wilson Presents His New Novel

Bruce Wilson photoBruce Wilson will visit the library on Thursday, November 3 at 11:00am to speak about his new novel, Death in the Black Patch. Wilson is a writer, historian and educator living in Silver City. He is a graduate of California State University-Fullerton and Western New Mexico University where he currently teaches American History. He is a contributing author to the anthology Bug Tales by Paul Klebahn and Gabriella Jacobs and his story “Raven’s Nest” received an Honorable Mention in the Desert Exposure 2015 Annual Writing Contest.

Death in the Black Patch is Wilson’s first novel, set in 1906 Kentucky and published on September 13 by Artemesia Publishing. To get a taste for the story, check out this summary:

In 1906 Kentucky, Wes Wilson stands in his freshly plowed tobacco field. This crop is his life’s blood, and Wes is determined that nothing—not the devious tobacco buyer; the ever-present Night Riders; or the cousin hiding a deadly secret—will stand in his way. But the secrets and lies which plague the community smother Wes and grow more intense the longer he takes to decide what to do with his crop. The conflict erupts and soon rages out of control with a result both surprising and tragic.

cover of Death in the Black Patch

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