Join a Counter Culture Digital Storytelling Project

Courtesy photo of people holding hands in a circle in an octagonal building by Seth Roffman
Courtesy photo by Seth Roffman

The New Mexico History Museum and Palace of the Governors is putting together a 2017 exhibit on counter culture in New Mexico, and they are looking for contributors. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Summer of Love. The Museum is partnering with digital storytelling facilitators StoryCenter to lead community members in a cross-generational digital storytelling initiative: “Turn On, Tune In.” Inspired by the revolutionary movements of the 1960’s, the Museum seeks people who lived in New Mexico between 1960 and 1975 who want to tell their own stories of the times. They are also looking for spokespeople from today’s younger generation who can speak to their engagement in political and social change. The project will explore the intergenerational threads stemming from the themes of the ‘60’s: those of justice and equality, sustainability, spirituality and creative lifestyles. The stories will offer perspectives on the legacies we carry and the history we are creating today, as a result of those times.

They need two members from each of these communities:
Las Vegas
Silver City

Participants will attend a FREE digital storytelling workshop to the Santa Fe October 14-16, hosted by the NM History Museum and StoryCenter. Over a 3-day program each participant will craft a 3-minute video using a personal narrative. These stories will become part of the 2017 museum exhibit on counter culture in the Southwest.

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