Register for Adult Summer Reading

Summer reading for children and teens is a long-held tradition at the library, but did you know that summer 2015 is the third time that the library is offering summer reading for adults? It’s a great way to expand your reading habits, challenge yourself a little, and have some fun! It’s also a great opportunity to read some of the works written by authors who will be visiting Silver City for the Southwest Festival of the Written Word, October 2-4, 2015. (For a list of these authors’ books available at the library, see Register anytime between now and the end of the program on July 17. There will be six prize drawings, one at the end of each week between June 8 and July 17.

Participants can enter prize drawings three ways:

  1. Complete a book review slip and place it in the Escape the Ordinary box near the information desk.
  2. Submit a book review online by going to the library catalog: Sign in using your library card number. Your default password is your phone number. Then search for the book you want to review, click on it, and click on the “Review this title!” button. Each book review submitted online will count as an entry into the weekly prize drawing.
  3. Complete three squares in a row on an Escape the Ordinary tic-tac-toe card and place it in the Escape the Ordinary box near the information desk

Come by the library to register and get your tote bag, bookmark, tic-tac-toe card, and book review slips!

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